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Neumark / Ostbrandenburg

Ostbrandenburg (East Brandenburg) or Neumark was part of the region of the Prussian province of Brandenburg, Germany, located east of the River Oder in territory which following on from the agreement made at the Potsdam Conference became part of Poland in 1945.

Ostbrandenburg (the Neumark) gradually became part of the German Margraviate of Brandenburg from the mid-13th century onward. Then in 1701 with the rest of the Electorate of Brandenburg, it became part of the Kingdom of Prussia and then part of the German Empire in 1871. After the First World War when Poland was awarded independence and Germany lost vast swathes of territory the ethnically German Ostbrandenburg (Neumark) remained inside the new Weimar Republic of Germany.

After the Second World War as Ostbrandenburg (the Neumark) lay east of the Oder-Neisse line which formed the new border between Allied-controlled Germany and Poland, the region was put under Polish administration after the Potsdam Conference and became part of Poland. With this redrawing of borders it  is estimated that more than 41,000 of the population of Ostbrandenburg / Neumark were killed in action as soldiers, 400,000 fled west across the Oder-Neisse line to Germany, and 208,000 died, disappeared, or were murdered during the course of flight or expulsion by Polish and Soviet troops and/or civilians. Any Germans remaining in the region were expelled and their land and possessions confiscated in accordance with the Polish government's Bierut Decree of March 1946. To replace the expelled indigenous German population, the new Polish authorities re-settled the whole of the former Ostbrandenburg / Neumark east of the Oder with Poles from Central Poland and from Polish territory that had been annexed by the Soviet Union.

Most of what had been Ostbrandenburg and was now Polish territory became part of the Lubuskie Voivodeship, while some of the northern area was absorbed by Western Pomerania.

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A 16th century French map of the Ostbrandenburg / Neumark area


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